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Rzetelna firma


About the company:

The company operates in the European market for several years and is growing rapidly. We make the following assembly facilities and transport equipment:

- Steel Structures

- Hal

- Silos

- Tanks

- Granaries

- Containers

- Dryer

- Cleaning Service

- Mixing

- The Control Room

- Bucket Elevators

- Conveyors

- Conveyor

- Drills

- Selectors

- Costs Charging

- Machines

- Engines

- Station Propulsion Systems

- Station Tension

We work in the industry, AGRICULTURAL and in HEAVY INDUSTRY.

We invest in key with the electrical connection. We are leaders in the assembly, disassembly, and maintenance and service above mentioned facilities and equipment. We have extensive experience in building Silos and accompanying devices of different brands including: ARAJ, BIN, BRICE-BAKER, CORDOBA, DOMICO-PHENIX, FEERUM, MEPU, NEUERO, PRADO, PRIVE, RIELA, SYMAGA, SCAFCO, SCHMELZER, YEMA, DENIS, NORD, Bühler, ILPERSA, MONTERBUD, AGRALEX, SPECHT.

Due to the fact that we have a large number of lifts, tools and assembly groups are able to build with whatever capacity and degree of difficulty on the market.


We also deal with complex work TECHNIQUE CLIMBING and LIFTS.

Always stand up to the challenge and make the following assembly, disassembly and maintenance techniques at heights:

- Steel Structures

- Reflexology and Advertisements

- Bird-scaring Systems

- Lightning Protection System

- Remove Corrosion

- Sandblasting and painting facilities and Steel Structures

- Cleaning Equipment Silos and the Companion

- Cleaning and washing facilities


We only work with professional and high-quality equipment mounting and dismounting companies: HILTI and MAKITA.

Our company is characterized by accuracy and timeliness of orders and qualified team of engineers and specialists. We approach each client individually and provide a free valuation of the investment.


Agrotrader Freerum Giełda rolna PRIVE ROLNICZE 24krdagralexMakitaHiltiMTPsymagasymagasymagasymagasymaga

Building silos